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4001-960-Armand, Georcelet (Josy) and Ana

Josy and his wife, Ana, have been key ministry partners in Madagascar since 1999. Josy and Anna have been consistent leaders in the initial phases of outreach followed by church planting/growth in the remote region of Mahabana on the northwest coast. This region traditionally was the hub for ancestral worship and was taboo Jesus and the Bible for the Sakalava people group. In 2006, Eden Reforestation Projects began planting mangrove propagules in the remote village of Mahabana. Josy led this initial effort and through the years, has graciously stepped into leadership. Today, Josy is the National Director of Eden Reforestation Projects in Madagascar where he leads over 2,000 employees along the northwest coast.

Through Josy and Ana’s commitment to living out their faith– despite curses, persecution, sickness, human trafficking, family martyrdom and various tragedies, their lives have been used by Christ to be the living proof that Jesus Christ and the Bible are not taboo in Mahabana and the surrounding region. Nearly 15 years later, the hub of ancestral worship was moved to another location because of the inability to successfully call upon the ancestors due to the overwhelming presence of Christ. Today, the church in Mahabana has grown and is firmly rooted in Christ. Through Josy’s leadership of Eden Projects, strong relationships in multiple villages along the northwest coast have developed to whom the Gospel of Christ has been shared. In the last 20+ years, hundreds and men and women in the USA have heard stories of how the Lord has used Josy and Ana. Thousands of dollars have been donated along with countless prayers when Josy was in the midst of end-stage kidney disease which ended in a successful kidney transplant surgery in India in 2013. Four years later, in 2017, Josy traveled to Southern California to share his Christ story and to thank so many friends in person.

Madagascar, Africa