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By Rich Peterson 

  • Has the news of late got you down?
  • Has life become so overwhelming that you have forgotten Him who is your life?
  • Has life become so frustrating with the endless demands of family and job that you rarely experience the freedom of grace?
  • Has life become so boring, so mundane, so routine, and so bothersome that you have lost all hope of ever accomplishing anything amazing for your God?
  • Has life become so hard that you have lost the joy of your salvation?
  • Has life become so predictable that you have lost all hope?
  • Has life become so depressing that you have lost all holy desire?
  • Has life become so full of so many other, lesser things, that Jesus has been pushed far to the side of your daily (weekly, monthly, yearly) experience?
  • Has life become so intense that you long for sleep just to escape, but then can’t rest because the anxieties of life won’t let you?
  • Are you seeking to live a life that brings glory to God, but no one cares or even takes note?
  • Are you unhappy more often than happy; distraught often?
  • Are you weary of living and just want to stop?
  • Are you afraid of stopping because running from one activity to the next is the only thing keeping life going?
  • Is your life so full on, so busy, so overcrowded that you just don’t have time for intangible, impractical realities pertaining to eternity?

Perhaps you need a new view of Jesus.

We as Christ-followers get so wrapped up in what we know about God, the Scriptures, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, doctrine, theology, missions, prophecy, the end times that we forget that it’s Who we know that really matters most.

Do you have a few spare moments this week to read Revelation, chapter 1? Would you have time enough to read Revelation 1:12-16 and gain from this marvelous text a new view of the One who is Majestic beyond description?

It’s hard to put into words what the Apostle John sees. He uses a lot of metaphors (“like” this “like” that) and reminds us, as we read, of our need for Holy Spirit guided imagination.

  • Son of man – may recall the story of Daniel’s three friends.
  • Robe – may represent royalty, high priestly garments, clothing of a king.
  • White hair – wisdom, image of the Eternal Father.
  • Eyes were blazing – passionate for what is most important – his people, eyes capable of seeing all things – no limited perspectives.
  • Bronze feet – stability and glowing brilliance
  • Voice – powerful and ringing with the sound of justice.
  • Double-edged sword – speaks with cutting justice and healing mercy.
  • Face – full of glory – can’t even look upon him – he is so fantastically brilliant.

What’s the point?

*“Seeing Jesus in all His majesty, in that incredible display of power; how could anyone doubt He has the strength, ability, and wherewithal to overcome all opposition, to keep his people no matter what they are experiencing now and to triumphantly bring about the end He determined? The Jesus who is in control of history past, present and future is without doubt able to rescue his people, able to save them from all eternal harm.”

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I (Jesus) have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

A new view for a New Year – Jesus is the center of everything – Jesus is in control of everything – Jesus is everything!


Discussion Questions:

Journal on your Facebook, Instagram, or X (or video your answer on TikTok or YouTube). Be sure to share the link to this blog post to your social media where appropriate. Let’s share our answers. You can also leave a comment below.

  1. What struck you personally about this blog?
  2. How will you focus on a new view this year of “Jesus is the center of everything; Jesus in in control of everything; Jesus is everything?”
  3. Write out a paragraph of praise for Jesus using Scripture on your social media.
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* Author of quote unknown 

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