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By Esther Penney

“Your prayers have children,” remarked Ellen.

I wasn’t quite sure what that expression meant.

“A year ago, you prayed for my heart condition.” 

“Now, I remember!” I smiled, recalling that day a year ago. The doctor prescribed medication for Ellen’s heart condition. She struggled with symptoms and found no relief. We prayed for Ellen’s health in Jesus’ name. Afterward, she went to see the doctor. Now, she no longer needs any medication and is entirely symptom-free! She gives thanks to Jesus’ power.

But, what did she mean by, “Your prayers have children?” Ellen explained that each time I prayed for her over the years, those prayers have been answered in unexpected ways. As an example, she reminded me that I had prayed for her son’s teeth.

Her son’s teeth poked out all over the place. It was a struggle to eat, and it caused him some pain. He could benefit from braces. One tooth, in particular, grew out of the roof of his mouth. Ellen once took him to a dentist at a reputable clinic who said that it was too dangerous to extract. After I had prayed for his teeth, her son knocked heads with a fellow soccer player. The tooth came flying out; that same tooth which the dentist said was too dangerous to remove. In typical boy fashion, the son said nothing at the time. One day, while laughing, his mom noticed the tooth gone. Her son explained the soccer “accident”. When Ellen later told her husband about it, his response was, “that woman’s prayers are still with us.”


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