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Upcoming Online Workshops, Courses, and Live Streams!

From February to April, we have different workshops, courses, and online events to help expand your knowledge, vision, and help your organizations. Featuring Tim and Sara Downs (Africa)  February 17, 2023 at 8 a.m. CST Watch it now!  An unscripted conversation on missions with new Global Workers, Tim and Sarah Downs. Bring your questions. We will be watching the chat. Streaming on Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and YoutubeWorkshop Leader: Dr. Rick Griffith This aired on Thursday, February 23, 2023 See the 45-minute video here.  Download the handout and PowerPoint here.  Can you improve as a Bible teacher? Of course—if you only had more…
February 16, 2023
FeaturesWorldVenture In Review

Mentoring, Gratitude, And Aaron Howard

A frequent broadcast of episodes of "WorldVenture:In Review" can be found on our Youtube. This is an unscripted and live conversation on missions via our social media. For Other Episodes: Joe Meverden Quincy Thompson Aaron Howard  After listening to the spotlighted episode, share your thoughts in the comments.
November 17, 2022