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In the wake of the Coup in Myanmar, Rick and Diana Wilson shared a pressing need to WorldVenture social media in mid-March: “Our ministry coworkers know many that are desperate for food right now and we would like to help as many as possible.  It costs $150 a month for a family of 10 people.” That need has heightened with recent events!

Their training building is a multi-purpose building. It not only serves as a training and activity center for the nearby children’s home, but it has become a temporary shelter due to villages and homes being destroyed. Two nearby churches have been targeted and one destroyed with the pastor finding shelter in another area.

“We are helping with that training and helping with a food drive to help the ones that have no homes nor food.” Rick says.

A partner in ministry also shares some prayers and goals for the future:

  • As a ministry, they want to share the Gospel with 1200 people and gain more than 3,000 lost souls.
  • They want to produce 100 disciples.
  • They wish to establish 10 churches in one year.
  • They wish to support and disciple up to 50 children in the home.
  • For their business to reach sustainability and provide financial support for global mission work.
  • They wish to open a Kindergarten by 2022 and reach the enrollment status after pre-school opening. Political instability made it impossible to open one in 2021.



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Pictures provided by Rick and Diana Wilson and the Myanmar people with permission.