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On Thursday, March 17, 2022, Facebook went live to share the damage from Cyclone Gombe. Below is the edited version with additional content. Prayer requests are towards the end.

We woke up on March 11 to news of Cyclone Gombe hitting the Mozambican coast. The people of Mozambique, including Rickshaws, experienced torrential wind and rain with wind up to 165 km per hour. Mozambique experienced great damage and flooding. At least six WorldVenture properties were destroyed, and many families are in need of assistance.

This short-term special project seeks to repair the extensive damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Gombe. This will include restoring missionary homes to safe and secure status; repairing damage to the homes of as many local people as possible by providing roofs and/or materials to rebuild homes which were a complete loss; re-roof and restore Rickshaws property so we can re-open for business and continue to provide an income for our employees to provide for their families.