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Teacher of Missionary Kids

Equip missionaries to reach more people with the good news of Jesus by teaching their kids! Currently the town of Mbarara, Uganda, is home to 6 missionary families. There are 9 kids under 5 years old, 7 kids under 10 years old and 3 kids that are 10 or older. The WorldVenture team is looking for one or more teachers to join the team and facilitate the education of these children. The position is for a minimum of one year with the possibility of a longer commitment.

Elementary Education Degree. Self-starter. Willing to be creative, work hard and love well. Flexibility, creativity as well as a love for learning, teaching and children, are vital traits of a successful applicant
Join the WorldVenture team to create a one-room schoolhouse for missionary kids in the small, southwestern town of Mbarara, Uganda. Create and implement individualized learning plans, have fun and share the love of Jesus every day. Join in with the team or discover many other ministry possibilities as you live among the people of Southwest Uganda.
Mbarara, Uganda is located 4.5 hours Southwest of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Its’ location high in the hills, makes for an excellent climate year-round. It is generally pleasant and warm during the day and cool at night. Housing arrangements would be based on the needs of the individual and intended length of stay. Options include living in a home by yourself or with someone else, living in a detached house in a shared compound with a missionary family or sharing a house with a missionary family. We all love living in Mbarara and we know you will too!
One or more rooms in a safe, secure area in close proximity to the missionary community. Families utilizing the schoolhouse will pool financial resources to create an excellent learning environment for all of the children and, possibly, to help underwrite the expenses of the teacher. You will raise support based on your needs but that support may be subsidized by school fees. The teacher will work together with the families to create learning goals and an optimal schedule for education. The beginning date of the school year is flexible.
Uganda, Africa