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6462-904-Nyarafolo Scripture-in-Use

The Nyarafolo people are still majority pre-literate, and need both literacy training and access to audio-Scriptures in order for the Bible in their language to be used.

The Nyarafolo Scripture-in-Use Project will enable the Nyarafolo people to have access to their Scriptures and other resources in their language through the provision of literacy training, audio-recording, and related activities.

The four members of the team will pursue the aspects of ministry in which they already have experience: literacy training and production of literature, audio-recording of Scriptures and other teaching resources, and promotion of these materials and of the printed Scriptures through conferences and other venues. One member is specifically devoted to literacy. One member was co-translator with Linnea Boese for OT and NT portions and his passion for the Scriptures will spur him on to record them in audio format, and to incite the interest of believers and unbelievers through teaching and the outreach of the Nyarafolo Group that he directs. (They also make Scripture-based songs that spread the teaching in a popular way). Both he and the literacy worker are gifted preachers and teachers, too. The third member is a self-trained computer specialist who does the printing of Nyarafolo literature, and has learned to do audio-recording. The fourth specialized in translating our drafts of Nyarafolo Scriptures into French (for consultant check), so is also trained in computer use. He will be developing Sunday School materials in Nyarafolo (children’s ministry is his passion in his home church in Tiepogovogo village), as well as assisting in other ways as needed.