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Sylvia Kamon

Lord God of Heaven, I am searching for your perfect will in our lives. I am also native Ecuadorian but have been in the states since I was 3. I am 57. I have 10 children who are mostly now adults. I have recently been aggressively learning more and more vocabulary and listening to podcasts and the Bible in Spanish. looking up vocabulary, comparing different versions. etc. I am convicted that when I looked up Ecuadorian culture, I find many videos from Mormons who have been there on mission and converting my very own people. My children don't know Spanish well bc I learned everything in English and although I can speak Spanish like a native, I don't have the vocabulary to teach subjects with. Although I can teach English.

I want so much to help in some way. there are some things holding me back. One can be an asset.

We are still homeschooling our youngest 3 children, 1 is 10, 1 is 13, girls, but our 17 year old son, David, is depressed and is very apathetic about life, grades, the future. He has stepped away form the Lord. He says there is 'no point in anything, ( although he says he believes in everything the Bible says about Jesus, God n the Holy Spirit.) He doesn't care if I give him bad grades and only does work when I make him sit down and oversee him. He is very intelligent, (32 on ACT first time) The Coast Guard academy, did not accept him.(only school he applied to and only wants to go to military academies)

His attitude is not due to Covid 19 but that has made it harder for our family. My husband is the scout master for his troop, but there are only 2 boys left in his troop. of which our son is 1. He is dragging his feet on doing his eagle project, which was important to him in the past, but now it seems like everything he is doing is like he's in molasses. Everything is so much harder.

The biggest hurdle is that my husband n I have perfectionistic and hoarding tendencies. I have a plethora of books all over the house and he has everything else.

It is a problem we have to overcome. it is affecting all our kids and our mental health and we can't even donate all of it like in the past.

Please pray that we can agree on things to get rid of w/o quarreling. Please pray the Lord makes it clear to us what we must do and how we can help the mission in Ecuador. I am very motivated and I am also still an Ecuadorian citizen. Would ove to take kids to solidify their Spanish.

Received: May 17, 2020

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