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Mabel Pittman

We have asked for prayer for Ed.....he so much wants to go Home and get out of this body that doesn't want to cooperate with his mind........Each day we think is his last, and then he rallies.....Son Mark is with me, and such a blessing, but he had planned to leave on we aren't sure what kind of plans we need to make........We need special wisdom in this, but we do know the Lord is good, and what His plan for Ed might be is in His good time and plan.......he keeps asking if the doctors and nurses can "hurry this up." The one thing that can hurry it up is for him to stop eating or drinking!!! This will be up to him - not a good choice, eh?

You are in my continuing prayers.......CBFMS and World Venture ministries have long been a part of

our lives.....we are so blessed.


Received: May 27, 2020

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