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Uyghur concentration camp 3

May I request last prayer request for concentration camps for Uyghurs?

Deeply thankful for your two time's prayer.

Formerly I requested prayer for 1)310 camps Whole picture of Reform through labor (and black jails) second request 2.Chinese underground church persecutions now 3rd request is for 1.Tibetan people and 2.Falungong practitioners

In China,Reform through labor camp generally refers 'Imprisoning four types of people (Uyghurs,Tibetans,Christians,Falungong practitioners)

So this time I'd like to request prayer for 'Tibetans and Falungong practitioners.

Otherway recently new testimonies are added as 1)Chinese government boasted their torture chambers (for Uyghurs) : 2)The brain shocking guns 远发性脑管损伤器 (Without damage harvesting organs) proved themselves Auschwitz treatment (See on Schindler's list,Josef Mengele,liberation day pictures) their 1)Human experimentation to children,2)Enormous nationwide organ circulation systems,(gang) human violence against women ,4)Industrial product use of dead bodies, 5) Killing amount of labor,2]nutrition supplies and 3]torture chambers

2) Tibetans,Organization Free Tibet' reminds their 1 million people passing by Chinese government,basically all treatment system is branch-systematic with Uyghur concentration camps,

3)On Falungong practitioners : Website Faluninfo claims tens of million people suffered persecution

In my prayer they were 'absolutely' 'absolutely' important combine with Ethan Gutmann's witnesses,I'd like to request prayer firmly.

Bringing settlement,These are the stories of Chinese,1 of 5 world's population,Somewhere recesses of their heart,

Reason why we should pray for Chinese Christians historically has proven

destiny of Chinese Christians decided whole Chinese population's directions (Their surviving of 1927 Nanjing,Repair-and open process,surviving Taiwan country.I hope we keep pray for these people.

Would you please pray for: '

1.Lest no more organ harvesting to achieve (Annually up to 100 thousand organ harvestings from Xinjiang achieve-David Kilgour(The Canadian Human Rights Lawyer and minister)

2.Falungong practitioners,save them from tortures and organ harvestings.

3.Several hundreds recognized camps in Xinjiang (Biggest No,1 Dabancheng (達坂城) camp 2.Yili Kazahs region camps (伊犁哈萨克州) 3.Kashgar city-near camps (喀什市附近) /As Uyghur persecution is enormally superior according to Massimo Introvigne the editor/Bitter winter

4.Corona Virus inside labor camps, at least authorities do minimal treatment without quarantine,outside world to know about inside camps.

I hope we can 'keep' pray for these labor camps,and hope you be learned more about,there were so much cruel testimonies left behind (I remind 6 month old fetus-mother photograph,distruction of burial,separation children from parents),what I have seen was "scene by scene Auschwitz",and let me send you a good praise report when they have abolished.Again,Thank you for your contributions,May LORD richly bless you.رەھمەت سىزگە!

Received: October 13, 2020

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