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1100-838-Ellison, Gordon and Rita

Gordon Ellison serves with WorldVenture as a member of the Mobilization Ministries Team. His ministry focuses on three important areas: missions promotion and education through the local church, missions mentoring, and member care. Gordon equips pastors and local church leaders in the development of effective strategies toward the clarification and accomplishment of their church’s mission, locally and globally. Gordon also influences others as they grow in their awareness of God’s specific leading toward missions, and encourages, strengthens and provides pastoral care to missionaries and their families.

Born in England and spending the first nine years of his life in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Gordon was raised by godly parents. For as long as he can remember, Jesus Christ was always a part of his family life. However, it wasn’t until he was eight years old that Gordon came to the realization that he needed to make a personal decision to trust in Christ for the abundant life that only he offers. That decision was made at the Great Victoria Baptist Church in Belfast.

Gordon and his wife Rita have been married over 50 years. God blessed their marriage with two wonderful daughters, Anne Marie and Heather. Their children are a joy as they serve the Lord alongside their husbands and families. To them, it’s been a great encouragement to see their children grow and develop in their faith. Gordon and Rita look forward to seeing God use them to lead others to Himself and to encourage growth in others.

Gordon has a passion for people to develop a lifelong pursuit of the Lord and to grow toward full maturity in Christ. He and his wife have dedicated their lives to helping people know the truth that is in Jesus Christ, the only dependable source of life, health and strength. Together they believe that God will provide many opportunities to influence others.

In his various roles, Gordon considers it an honor to be of encouragement to others in guiding them to listen well to God’s voice and to discern His leading. His New Testament “hero” is Barnabas, Son of Encouragement. Guiding and helping people to identify and overcome barriers to dedicated service for God is a joy to Gordon.

God has been preparing Gordon for many decades to serve with WorldVenture. By investing the gifts the Lord has blessed him with for the growth of others, Gordon has been drawn closer to a life of service. Guiding God’s servants in discerning His calling upon their lives and equipping others for His mission is what most excites Gordon about missions work–a passion that continues to grow.

For Gordon, the task is all about mobilizing others toward the fulfillment of their God-given dreams related to world missions. “God is doing a new work in my life today to expand my vision beyond our own ‘Jerusalem,’” Gordon said. “My prayer is that God will use me and others to expand His Kingdom and to encourage and strengthen others toward the same vision.”

Gordon has a passion for serious discipleship and is motivated toward believers desiring to grow and develop in their relationship with Jesus Christ and in ministry skill.

Please pray that God will grant Gordon and Rita good health and open doors for the strengthening and effectiveness of those whose lives they desire to encourage and enrich.

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.” Proverbs 11:25, MSG

About Rita Ellison
Rita Ellison serves as a member of the Mobilization Ministries Prayer Team under the guidance of Peter Persson. She also serves alongside her husband, Gordon, in their mobilization efforts on the college campus.

Rita was raised as the youngest of five children by parents who were hard-working, attentive, and committed to teaching strong religious values. Through the years her training gave her a fervent love for God that remained true through her teen years. In her second year of college, she heard the saving message of Christ’s atonement and Gordon led her to the Lord.

Subsequently, as a young married woman, she was discipled by women serving with The Navigators ministry to study and teach the Word. Over more than 20 years, she has mentored women through her teaching/speaking ministry called BLESSINGS. Currently, she mentors and prays for her Wheaton College students and communicates encouraging messages to our appointees.

Through the ministry and influence of Doug Hazen and Peter Persson, Rita has committed herself to prayer on behalf of the WorldVenture staff, missionaries and appointees. Her lifelong passion is to provide a godly example to her family and to lovingly share her faith with those in her circle of influence.

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