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If you missed our livestream, you can view the video here: 

The first five minutes is a pre-stream. We feature Afrika Pruitt, announcements of upcoming events, and a video about the unreached before this program launches into praying for Kenembu in Chad. To catch our next livestream, click here to view times and dates. 

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  • Gordon Ellison: “So we offer these we offer these events once a month. And our focus, of course, is on prayer. And in addition, we like to try to present some information to you related to what it means to be a world Christian? What does it mean to grow deeper?” 
  • Gordon Ellison: “There are opportunities to pray every day. If you wanted to make your impact, fill up the bowls of incense every day. You can do that. That’s right. There’s no stopping you.” 
  • Gordon Ellison: “We use the word missional. And we tried to define it this way, that a missional lifestyle is a distinctly Christian practice that involves adopting the behavior, the practices and the thinking of a Christ following representative in everyday life. That’s kind of a complicated definition, but really, it’s all about intentionality. It’s all about sharing our love for Jesus with other people by establishing and cultivating loving relationships with unbelievers. It’s all about being clear on our convictions, you know, and our beliefs based on the Bible, and while at the same time respecting the beliefs of other people, people of different languages, people of different cultures.” 
  • Gordon Ellison: “And we believe that it’s really important to develop a lifestyle, not just a belief, that brings attention to the work of Christ and the overall mission of God.”
  • John White: “If we, as Christians, care for our neighborhoods in the cities, that can have an impact on the people in the neighborhood.” 
  • Debbie Bannon: “We set our alarms every day to go off at 9:37/9:38 a.m., because it says in Matthew 9:38 to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out labors into his harvest field. And we began praying, Lord, send them out. There’s billions of people that don’t know Jesus and they need it.”
  • Michael Bannon: “Let’s pretend for a second that you’re standing behind a table at a booth and you have a number of generation Z or generation whatever students stopping by inquiring about whether or not God is calling them to serve in missions. What advice would you give to them and how would you encourage them to develop what we might call a missional lifestyle, right where they live, right where they work, and right where they’re studying what we have been doing over the last few years?”
  • Michael Bannon: “Don’t be afraid to step out in faith. To give your all to Jesus. Don’t be afraid to do that. One thing we experience over the years is that when all is stripped away, you cling to Jesus, cling to faith, hope and love in him.” 
  • Keith Carey: “Some of them also are merchants. In fact, many of them are. By being a merchant, you have a lot of contact with other people groups around you. Now, this gives you an excellent opportunity to hear the gospel. If you’re a Muslim and you’re living out there in the desert, well, you might be able to hear the gospel from someone who lives in one of the towns or cities.”
  • Keith Carey: “One of the excellent things people could do if someone has a background in veterinarian medicine, you always be welcome. In one of these unreached people groups like this, you come there and you’re able to help take care of the livestock so that the cattle are not getting sick and dying. They will give you a hearing. They will really want you to be around them. One thing this is, is send workers, people who have the right kind of background. Part of it also is storytelling. People in these situations absolutely love a good story on telling about Abraham, people like that who are also nomadic herders. Yes. Good ways to be able to present the Bible.”

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