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4000-043-Berkey, David and Jerrine

Starting churches in Caracas, Venezuela. The challenges are many in this place of political tension, severe shortages, hyperinflation, crime, corruption, and mass emigration.
How do you follow Christ in this environment?
How do you help others follow Christ in this environment?
How do you grow a healthy, biblical church in this environment?

Pray for strength and commitment for believers in spite of political, social and economic tension.
Pray for the development of biblically-solid Venezuelan leadership for local churches.

David and Jerrine Berkey have been with WorldVenture in Venezuela since 1992. They live and work in Caracas, where they are involved in church planting, church development and leadership training.

In the early years of his ministry, David realized he would have the most influence by starting and pastoring young churches who do not yet have the maturity or the resources to support a national pastor. In that context, David works at sharing his faith, teaching, making disciples, developing leaders, and training young musicians to sing, play and lead worship. David previously served as the pastor of the Iglesia Bautista Internacional de Caracas (which is now independent) and is currently serving as pastor of the El Puente church (The Bridge). Jerrine participates in Bible studies, coordinates kids Sunday School, and focuses on hospitality and on reaching out to women.

The El Puente congregation recently purchased storefront space in a shopping center and remodeled it to be used for the work of Christ. The Berkeys are working to help the church grow to be healthy and independent, with their own local leadership and staff. Their hope is that it can become a center of outreach to their part of this mega-city.

Many Venezuelans suffer a deep sense of loss, and are grieving what their country once enjoyed. They do not see much hope for the future of their country. Jesus came to offer a hope that no one can take away.

Pray with the Berkeys that many more Venezuelans would be born again through faith in Jesus and experience this “new birth into a living hope”! It is very fulfilling for David and Jerrine to know that they are doing what God wants them to, and find it most rewarding to see those they have invested in continue to walk with Christ. Seeing lives transformed through Him is their ultimate joy.

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