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4000-092-Bryan, Chris and Chrissy

Teaching missionary children at Black Forest Academy in Germany.

Pray that the Bryans will continue to grow closer to God and each other so that they can lead others in the same direction!

About us:
The eldest of four boys, Chris grew up in Austria with missionary parents active in church planting and youth ministry, accepting Christ at age six during a furlough visit to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Warrenton, Missouri. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t trust God, though he had his struggles growing up.

Chrissy is the youngest of five children from a Christian home, where her parents always encouraged church involvement. She accepted Christ as her Savior at age eight following a conversation with her mother, and her faith became her own during high school and college.

It’s easy to see how the Bryans became missionaries. Chris grew up in Austria and came to the U.S. to study graphic design and Bible, hoping to use his skills in ministry. Raised by Austrian parents in the U.S., Chrissy wanted to use her degree in secondary mathematics education to encourage teens in a ministry setting. They met at an early age, after Chris’s parents met Chrissy’s through their mission agency. As the families kept in touch over the years, Chris and Chrissy established their own relationship, which led to their marriage in June 2003 and their mid-term service at BFA in August 2005.

Chris and Chrissy consider working with MKs one of their biggest blessings. Not only do they get to see the fruit of their labor on this side of heaven, but are blessed to hear from parents about the school’s positive influence on their children. The Bryans also love being part of a team of family and friends in their missionary journey and desire to serve God together as faithful teammates.

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