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4000-114-Ferguson, Lance and Tiffany

Focus:We are engaged in making disciples and equipping church leaders in Rwanda.

Pray For:
– That the Lord would help our family, protect us, and provide for us as we serve in Rwanda.
– That the Lord would bless our relationships with Rwandans.
– That the Lord would strengthen those believers and church leaders with whom we work.
– That the Lord would increase the number and spread of Gospel-grounded churches in Rwanda.

About Us:, Lance and Tiffany Ferguson are serving as full-time missionaries in Kigali, Rwanda. Lance was raised in South Texas and came to faith in the Good News of Jesus as a freshman in college. His faith grew as he plugged into a local church and was discipled by other men. Tiffany was raised in a Christian home and believed the Gospel when she was six years old after hearing it from her parents and local church. The Lord continued to bless her with a strong walk with Him through the influence of friends at a Christian college and a Christian summer camp where she and Lance met. Lance and Tiffany were married in 2002, and now have four children: Naserian, Selah, Ezra, and Magdalena. Lance and Tiffany began their time in short-term missions in Mexico, Europe, and finally Kenya where they were able to lead college students to help run Christian camps for Maasai children. Lance was able to go to Rwanda twice during this time with his local church to help teach pastors. With a knowledge of God’s heart for the world and Lance’s burden to help equip pastors and church leaders Biblically and theologically, New Creation Ministries and WorldVenture was a perfect fit. After completing seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary where he received a Master of Theology degree in New Testament Studies, Lance and Tiffany joined WorldVenture. They have served in Ecuador and Rwanda as full-time missionaries. In Rwanda, they are part of the team of WorldVenture missionaries and Rwandan colleagues who, by the grace of the Lord, equip East African pastors and church leaders with a solid Biblical and theological foundation for ministry. In addition to caring for their family, Tiffany is able to build relationships with Rwandan women through which she can share the Gospel and encourage believers.

Context: Rwandans are a friendly people with a rich culture, a beautiful country, and delicious food. But many Rwandan pastors have very little Biblical and theological training. Because of this, many churches in Rwanda are filled with people who do not know the Bible, believe in prosperity theology and/or works-based salvation, and mix Christianity with Rwandan traditional religion. New Creation Ministries seeks to strengthen the church in East Africa by providing training and discipleship for these local pastors. In fact, close to half of the pastors that come through NCM for training actually come to faith in the Gospel for the first time themselves! NCM desires to see God glorified through healthy, Gospel-grounded churches in Rwanda.

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