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4000-138-Brown, Drew and Michele

Equipping Pastors and Missionaries in Costa Rica

Drew and Michele Brown are both Ohio natives who discovered their shared passion for missionary service during a college trip to the rainforests of the Amazon. There they discovered how under-resourced the global church is for training leaders. They’ve been working together since then to help meet this need. From 2016-2021, the Browns served in Africa, translating the Bible and teaching young church leaders how to share it with a largely illiterate community. In 2022, they moved to Costa Rica where they educate church leaders and train Costa Rican missionaries.

The Brown’s primary ministry is teaching at Seminario ESEPA in San José, Costa Rica. The evangelical church continues to grow in Costa Rica, and the demand for training for pastors and Christian leaders with a solid Biblical education is immense. Costa Rica has also become a missions-sending country, as it also sends workers into the most unreached parts of the world. The Browns use their experience in church ministry and frontier missions to provide much-needed education, training, and encouragement to local pastors and Costa Rican missionaries.

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