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4000-140-Davis, Jon and Jenny

Jonathan is the founder and director of The Ideas Workshop, a ministry that is Giving Hope and Changing Lives through Discipleship, Vocational Training and Business. The Davises mentor and disciple Ugandan youth, specifically young men between the ages of 18 and 30 who do not have opportunity to attend university. Many young people in Uganda do not have godly role models or hope for their future. When we put a tool in a young mans hand and engage him with the Word of God a transformation takes place. His problems don’t go away, but he sees them differently, he has hope.

Pray for the Davis family as they raise support and staff for The Ideas Workshop projects. Pray for the transformation of the young men in The Ideas Workshop.

About us:
Jonathan and Jennifer Davis are currently working in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Jonathan founded The Ideas Workshop which is a ministry that gives hope and changes lives through Discipleship, Vocational Training and Business. The Ideas Workshop currently runs two training programs in Bible study and welding skills with 4 students each and one metal fabrication Business which provides the context for life on life discipleship. Jenny serves new missionaries and Ugandans who are home schooling through hospitality, resources and encouragement.

The Davises have spent 7 years in Uganda and work closely with Kampala Baptist Church. Jonathan currently serves as Director of The Ideas Workshop.

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