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Megumi Davis, a TCK teen from Africa, writes from the perspective of Mary Magdalene, one of the disciples of Jesus. What would Mary have written to supporters back home?


Three days ago, we were sitting in a room together and praying when all of a sudden, these tongues of fire appeared above us, and we just started to speak in different languages that we had never spoken before! It was something I could never explain! The best part of it was that a whole bunch of people came to believe in Jesus!

I am still recovering from the shock of Jesus ascending up into heaven. But we know that he has left us in a place where we can continue the work he started. As a start, we have been witnessing many people from all over come to know Him personally. I am astonished at how many people have been coming to be baptized! It is so good to see that the work is continuing, and that people are choosing to accept him more and more.

Yesterday I helped a woman come to know the lord. It was amazing to see her look of awe as she realized that she was His child now and nothing could change that. The others have also been having many people asking for help in knowing how to repent, as the others have been mostly witnessing to the men, I have had a chance to talk with and pray for the women and children which has been a witness for me also.

This time has been hard after the ascension, but we have pushed through thanks to all of your love and prayer. Thanks to all of you for supporting me.


Discussion Questions:

On your social media, copy the link in your browser to this blog and paste it in your social media with an answer to the below questions. Or you can put your answer in the comments. 

  • Do you remember the joy of bringing someone to the Lord? Tell us about that day. How did God use you?
  • What amazes you about Jesus?

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