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4000-166-Messick, Matt and Kristy

We’re a family that can stand on the rooftop and shout of the Lord’s faithfulness! We are so excited and humbled that we get to serve Him in Ecuador. The Lord brought us together in 2001 as we both found ourselves on a rickety bus traveling along the dusty roads of West Africa. It didn’t take more than a few days before we knew that He had brought us together for a purpose, and that we were being called to live life together serving as a team.

Matt grew up in a Christian home, while Kristy was new to her faith, but there was little doubt that God was asking us to serve together, sharing with others our quirky enthusiasm, and love of genuine relationships. Since our wedding in October of 2002, we’ve been working to follow where He has led and it has been an exciting adventure! We’ve lived in Canada, Burkina Faso, the USA, Costa Rica Guatemala, and since 2014, Ecuador. And all along the way, God has blessed us with our family. Jonah and Micah were both born in Alberta, Elijah was born in Colorado, Taylah is our little Costa Rican, JJ was born in Pennsylvania, and we eagerly await the arrival of #6 “Doodlebug”

Matt’s background is in construction, Kristy’s is in International Development and nursing, and our hearts have always been drawn to working in rural areas. In 2016, God re-routed our ministry vision and called us to a ministry focused on helping couples put Biblical foundations under their marriages within the city. We have been doing this through an 8-week marriage course offered in our home, as well as some individual and couples counseling. Additionally, we work to support the work of a small church plant by mentoring and encouraging the pastor and his wife. We are excited as we see God beginning to show us ways we can transfer the marriage course into rural areas as well!

Daily, we count it an honor to be serving in Loja with the many believers there we have come to call friends!

* To help couples put Biblical roots under their marriages through an 8-week marriage course called, Mas en Mi Matrimonio.
* Currently we work mainly with couples within the city of Loja. These are couples that are both part of the church and not.
* Our challenge is in helping couples see the many marital problems that come from following cultural ideas of marriage, and instead see the wisdom and value of a Biblically-based marriage.

That couples would continue to find their way to the course and marriages would be changed. That God would raise up a Lojano couple to join us in growing the ministry. That we would be wise in maintaining a healthy balance in our family and ministry.

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