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4000-177-Eckelberry, Sandy

After over 30 years working in the Philippines, I transitioned to be part of the WorldVenture-Americas Team in March, 2020. Part of my role includes reaching out to internationals and refugees to help them with a heart-felt need–-learning English. As internationals living in another country, transitions and acculturation can feel overwhelming, especially if communication is challenging. ESL (English as a Second Language) online gives the opportunity to build bridges of friendship in which I can share God’s love with them. Not only do we pray that they will feel more comfortable and adjusted here in the USA, but that they will become effective disciple-makers in their communities both locally and in their home countries.

A second passion and role is to mobilize churches and individuals to be “on mission with God.” All believers have been called to make disciples in the communities where God has placed us. Partnering with Simply Mobilizing International ( as a Head Facilitator for several courses, including Kairos, has given me the opportunity to journey alongside others as they determine, develop and exercise their gifts and obey their Great Commission responsibility. I first partnered with SMI in the 1990s in the Philippines, and I saw how God used the training and mentoring to mobilize the Church. Now it is my privilege to work with the SMI-USA team to offer trainings online.

The online platform opens opportunities to connect with individuals and churches all over the USA and internationally. Working online also gives me the ability to assist with the care of our elderly mother–my privilege after the many years that she and my family gave sacrificially while I served overseas.

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