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Providing medical care at the Baptist Hospital in Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire). We serve the 60 ethnic groups of Côte d’Ivoire, including the Fulani, an unreached people group. The major religions are: 39 percent Muslim, 29 percent Animist, and 1.25 percent evangelical Christians in the north.

Two of the major challenges are poverty and HIV/AIDS. There are inadequate funds for health care and proper nutrition. Also HIV/AIDS affects 10 percent of population.

Pray that the people will turn from other objects of worship to the living God, so that they will understand his saving grace.

About me:
Diane Eliason enjoys working as a family nurse practitioner in the outpatient clinic at the Baptist Hospital in Ferkessédougou, Côte d’Ivoire. Being involved in this compassion ministry allows her to glorify God by serving others. Diane’s ministry goals are to promote health, alleviate suffering and provide spiritual care by sharing God’s love and grace. She counts it a privilege to serve in a ministry that brings both physical and spiritual healing to many. Medical work opens the door to evangelism and discipleship ministry among the patients and their families.

Diane directs the outpatient clinic, which serves approximately 32,000 patients each year, or up to 175 patients per day. Besides overseeing the clinic’s daily operation, she supervises the African staff, teaching and updating them on quality patient care. What she enjoys most, however, is modeling the professionalism that she teaches by diagnosing and treating patients herself.

Diane teaches patients hygiene and preventive health measures and looks for opportunities to address spiritual concerns. She has a special interest in meeting women’s health needs, including doing prenatal checkups. She also takes joy in explaining to women how special they are in the Lord’s eyes, praying with them and for them. Sharing God’s love and the gift of salvation is what truly brings complete wholeness and health to the hospital’s patients.

This past term, Diane also taught the nursing students in the Baptist Hospital’s nursing program. She enjoyed the challenge of teaching students to provide quality care with a Christian worldview. In addition to her medical ministry, Diane found that developing friendships with African women and encouraging them in their walk with the Lord has brought her many blessings.

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