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Working alongside Venezuelans, the Engels are taking advantage of the difficult situation in Venezuela to proclaim Christ in word and deed with the purpose of building His church in this country. Since September of 2017, they have been working in Caracas, in partnership with the Encuentro Con Dios Church, facilitating a five-prong ministry effort:

* Food and Literature distribution every other Saturday.
* Outreach into a public hospital, which is populated by the poor and disenfranchised that cannot afford private health care.
* Ministry to those who live with disability.
* Regular financial help to pay for services of rehabilitation and necessary equipment for those both inside and outside the church.
* Outreach into at risk communities around Caracas through educational programs for children and their parents. Follow-up for interested parties and connection to local churches.
* Yearly marriage encounters that provide practical training for couple going through difficulties, providing a weekend away from their normal patterns to reorient and recover.
* Ongoing program to provide financial and food assistance to pastors who are ministering in Venezuela, but who are suffering because of the current economic conditions.

The biggest challenge we face is that though we can share Christ with people, trusting in God to help through your problems is not the same as trusting Christ for salvation. Pray for our perseverance in the face the barriers of fear, insecurity and distrust.

About us:
Since arriving in Caracas in 1992, the Engels have always been involved in starting and developing local churches. Over the years they have been involved in starting seven churches. Currently they are in an 18-year-old congregation that is in the process of purchasing their first building. Rocky’s passion has always been discipleship and teaching, especially in small groups with an emphasis on application of biblical truth in daily life. Sylvia uses her administrative skills to keep the finances flowing and the wheels rolling. Rocky is the face that people see but Sylvia is behind the scenes. She always finds the pastoral wives for mentoring and encouragement.

The Engels raised their two children in Venezuela and take great joy in seeing both of them married with children. Michaela lives with her husband and three children in Airdrie, Alberta Canada, while Matthew lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and two children.

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