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4000-194-Aaron and Bess Edmunds

Engaging the unreached in an unchurched world

Refugees enter Austria seeking safety and hope for their families. When they are settled in Vienna, many struggle to know German, regain community and be integrated into Austrian culture. Many are enticed into dangerous lifestyles because they are on the margins of society. There is also still a stigma among many Austrians that (especially Muslim) outsiders threaten their way of life. So, even though these refugees settle in a place where the Gospel can be openly spread, the Austrian evangelical church only makes up .5% of the population, making it very unlikely that refugees will ever meet a born-again Christian.

We believe God desires to build a bridge between these dearly loved foreign people and His Church, drawing them to His Son. We will be joining an initiative to plant a refugee community center in Vienna city to provide services, offer the hope of Jesus and to engage the local church in reaching their unreached neighbors.

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