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4000-215-Mitchell, Justin and Lindsay

In partnership with Denen Grace Church, our local partners in Kawasaki and Yokohama, our purpose is to see Christ known through the starting and building up of Azamino Chapel. Read here to learn more about Azamino Chapel. As the Lord gathers His people and His church is built up, we pray and hope that the Lord would see new church plants even beyond Azamino Chapel.

People in Japan face many pressures from their society that create obstacles when presented with the gospel. These pressures are materialism, an intense reverence for tradition/culture, being a conformist society and the indigenous religions of Buddhism and Shinto. Furthermore, Japan ranks highest in the areas of depression, infidelity and suicide. While Japan is the most densely populated country in the world, it’s also a disconnected people. While subways and streets in Tokyo & Yokohama are jammed pack with people, there is a disconnect and a loneliness that is oddly prevalent.

Our prayer is that God would break through these pressures and obstacles and that people in Japan would discover the hope available through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that through finding this hope, they would share this message and make more disciples and see more churches planted.

About Us:
We come from two very different backgrounds. Justin grew up with a loving family, however never had a clear concept of the gospel. On Christmas Eve 2004, God saved him and from that point forward radically changed the pursuits of his heart. Through different experiences in college, Justin was directly challenged by God’s command to “go.”

Lindsay had the tremendous privilege of growing up in a Christian home and was presented the gospel at an early age. It was during a youth summer camp that God got a hold of Lindsay’s heart for the nations. She, too, was convinced to “go”.

Shortly thereafter, God allowed for Lindsay to attend Liberty University. It was there that we met and married in 2010. Through different short-term missions opportunities in Japan throughout high school and college, Justin & Lindsay were exposed to the spiritual darkness that exists in Japan. Upon discovering that Japan is the second largest unreached people group and through the affirmation of their sending church, Heritage Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, the Lord called the Mitchells to serve as missionaries in Japan.

God has given them the privilege in parenting four wonderful children – Clark, Mollie, Bear, and Owen. They look forward to seeing how God will use their children in ministry.

God gave Justin & Lindsay the opportunity to attend Liberty University. Justin graduated in 2010 with a degree in Bible & Missions. Lindsay graduated a year later with a degree in Elementary/Special Education. They were ready for ministry…right?

Oddly enough, their first ministry training assignment was to work in a secular context. Go figure! Before Lindsay became a full-time stay-at-home mom, she worked two years in the public school system. Likewise, Justin worked in the insurance industry for four years. These experiences gave them great opportunities to share Christ in the workplace, while also learning what it means to be faithful and committed to a full-time job and members of their local church. This was great training as they looked forward to serving in Japan. Their family has lived and served in Japan since March 2017, and they truly love our work. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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