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Serving at Bethesda Mission Hospital in Indonesia, working with Indonesians from many tribal, cultural and economic backgrounds including believers as well as animist Dayaks, Buddhist Chinese, Islamic Malayu and Javanese, who are seeking compassionate affordable medical care.

About us:
Paul and Becky Geary have been in West Borneo, Indonesia, since 1998 working in partnership with the Indonesian Christian Bethesda Hospital Foundation. The vision of Bethesda Hospital Foundation is to partner with believers from every tribal, cultural, educational and economic background to be an instrument for spreading the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ to as many people as can possibly be reached through the avenue of health care. Care the hospital provides that is competently and compassionately given, especially reaching out to those who are isolated and forgotten, poverty stricken and lacking in formal education. In 2006, an average of 15 people each month made first-time decisions to believe in Jesus through the ministry at the hospital.

During the past several years, Paul has been involved in mentoring several dozen Indonesian Christian doctors in providing competent health care in the name of Jesus. He has also been providing administrative and management help, and technical support for the medical facilities at Bethesda. Becky has focused primarily on raising their four children including homeschooling. Both Paul and Becky have assisted in hosting an average of 30-40 short-term ministry teams per year.

The major focus in the coming year is on medical outreach partnerships with other evangelical churches and agencies in Indonesia, including the startup of an Indonesian medical mission-sending agency.

Pray that God will build unity and humility in the medical ministry team. Pray that God will strengthen the vision among the staff to evangelize, serve the poor and reach out into the community.

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