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4000-251-Hacker, Randy and Kaye

Establishing and equipping the church in Poland. We work with Poles, 90 percent Roman Catholic, over 30 years removed from communism, European Union since May 2004.

About us:
“Solidarnosc! This famous catchword of the Polish labor uprisings in the 1980s has become the motto of missions in Eastern Europe.

At that time, the united front of Solidarity brought down Poland’s communist regime, and the spark of democracy in Poland became a flame that swept across the Soviet bloc. Today, a new spirit of solidarity and cooperation is also changing the once divided and ineffectual church in Poland into a unified, growing and increasingly productive body of believers. It was this freedom to work together with fellow believers that drew Randy and Kaye Hacker to Poland.

In 1999, the Hackers arrived in Lublin, a city of 350,000 located on the eastern edge of Poland. The city, which accommodates 100,000 university students, serves as a trade center between Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, and is the gateway city between the European Union and the countries to the east. The Hackers have worked in campus ministry with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students and helped initiate the first AWANA program in Poland.

In September 2001, the Hackers began a new phase of ministry, working with the Baptist church to establish neighborhood cell groups in the Lublin area. In addition, Randy and Kaye have been able to help three other church plants in the Lublin region. One of these, in Pulawy, became an autonomous church in 2004. Randy was active with the Alliance for Saturation Church Planting in Poland, and in this role began assisting and training Polish church planters across eastern Poland. In May 2003, Randy began serving as field coordinator for WorldVenture-Poland. Since 2007, Randy has served as the pastor of the Lublin Baptist Church, using this ministry to mentor Polish leaders. He is also currently working on doctoral studies, focusing on “House Churches in Post-Communist Europe,” and coaching an American football team. Kaye serves in church ministry and mentors younger women.
Randy co-leads an international fellowship in Lublin, and has been teaching missions studies in Ukraine and Poland.

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