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4000-331-Sandeno, Grace

Anything related to public health. Potential solutions will look different for every issue in every community. My role is to research issues, look for resources and promising solutions, assist in project planning, solve problems during implementation and design project evaluations to measure success. My goal is to mentor communities toward healthier outcomes while helping staff build local relationships and community capacity.

About Me:
A short term mission trip in West Africa changed the course of my career path from medicine to public health. I have a master’s degree in public health and years of experience in state and local health promotion, education and regulation. I’m starting a second career with WorldVenture as the Director of Public Health Initiatives hoping to use that experience to assist field staff in addressing important public health issues. For more information, please see Public Health Initiatives.

“You’re doing what???” Explaining what I’m doing is one of the biggest challenges right now! Every situation is different. I may be working with colleagues on mosquito control in sub-Saharan Africa, or HIV prevention in Asia or immigrant health in Western Europe. Even thinking about all those possibilities is challenging!

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