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4000-484-Murphy, Christie

Teaching English and befriending refugees and migrants.

Firstly, to teach English effectively so that my students can connect with their environment, find good work, and feel at home. Secondly, to effectively share God’s love with them. Third, to encourage local Christians to befriend newcomers to their community, and extend God’s love.

That the welcome extended by God’s people to foreigners will lead to many coming to know Christ and the Kingdom of God spreading in people groups where now there are few believers.

About me:
Christie came to know Christ as a teenager from a troubled family. As she learned to know and trust Him, the Lord gradually worked to heal her heart and give her a new identity: a child of God, daughter of the King.

One summer, Christie was recruited to smuggle Bibles into Eastern Europe. This experience opened her eyes to a different world, a different reality. It dawned on her that she had a role to play in bringing the love of God to that part of the world. When Christie saw that teaching English could fill a real need and build bridges for the gospel, she was in.

Christie has seen light come into the eyes of troubled people when they turn to Christ. She has seen insecure, purposeless people find their gifts and the roles they were made for. She has seen angry, alienated people experience grace and learn to forgive. These are results that she finds most rewarding as a missionary.

After working for 22 years in Poland, her current work is with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in England, including the many Polish migrants. She also encourages and trains local Christians to reach out to newcomers, many from unreached people groups, with help and friendship.

United Kingdom, Europe MENA