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Christ-Empowered Worship Transforming The Russian Church!

Gerry & Marla Schroeder are the director and administrator for RussiaWorship. They have been mentoring and guiding Russian church leaders in order to reach the mission: Christ-empowered worship transforming the Russian church. Since 2004, financial support from many generous donors have allowed them to live in Moscow and provide this leadership on a full-time, one-on-one basis.

The Religious freedoms which were returned to the Russian people in the early 1990’s have been eroding away. Public buildings can no longer be rented for religious functions. Recent laws have made it illegal to conduct ‘missionary activity’ outside of the church.

Despite these increasing hurdles, God is moving within the Russian church. Believers have a passion to worship, an eagerness to learn, and a deepening resolve to share the gospel with friends and neighbors.

It is to these churches and individuals that RussiaWorship focuses it’s mission: Christ-empowered worship transforming the Russian church. It is through these transformed churches that God will draw people to experience Christ-empowered life.

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