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4000-779-White, Corby and Ashley

God has blessed Corby & Ashley with many valuable experiences serving in local churches and children’s ministry, in both the United States and Poland. Ashley worked in Poland for several years before they were married, and they moved to Poland as a family in 2014. Their first assignment was in Lublin, where Corby studied the language and they were part of a local church, serving through music, children’s & youth ministry, English conversation, and “Street Church” outreach. In 2021, God directed them to the small mining city of Jastrzębie-Zdrój, and they joined a group of Polish people who wanted to plant a church in the city center where there was no other evangelical church.

Jastrzębie-Zdrój is home to approximately 90,000 souls, most of whom don’t follow Jesus. The church plant is located in a busy section of town near a shopping mall and public area, busy bus stops, and a perfect location for outreach such as setting up a tent, singing worship songs, handing out free coffee to passersby and engaging them in conversation. Corby serves on the leadership team and takes turns preaching and leading services. Together they serve in music ministry. Ashley helps with the hospitality and children’s ministries, and they are ready to serve as needed with the variety of things that come up in a new, growing church.

It is exciting to see how God has led us as a church, how He has brought in new people, and how He is leading us forward. We have many big dreams for the future, and are thankful for the faithful financial partners who are helping make this ministry possible. Pray for us as we seek to grow as a community of Christ-followers who are committed to the Gospel and engaging their city for Christ.

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