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4000-779-White, Corby and Ashley

Serving the Lord in Poland, through music, youth & children’s ministries. The people of Poland are predominately Roman Catholic. Evangelical churches are typically small, with many areas having no evangelical church at all.

Please “P-R-A-Y” for:

P – Polish people – to know Christ and to grow in their relationship with Him
R – Relationships – our marriage, family, and relationships with our coworkers and other missionaries
A – All our needs – that God would provide all that we need
Y – Your Role in World Missions – What is God calling you to do?

About us:
Ashley was saved at age 4 in a Sunday School class and grew up in a church that emphasized missions. Corby was saved later in life, and quickly grew and became involved in ministries at a local church, where the two met.

Ashley first sensed the call to missions while in high school. Through two short-term missions trips during her college years–one summer in Poland and one semester in Nigeria–God confirmed His call and gave her a burden for the people of Poland.

Corby was burdened for missions from early on in his life with Christ. God used a variety of individuals and experiences, including a trip to Poland, to confirm that this was His direction for his life.

The most exciting thing about their work is seeing lives changed by God–people of all ages coming to Christ, worshiping Him, and learning how to share His message with others.

They look forward to following Christ in the next steps of their lives and seeing what He will do.

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