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By Afrika Pruitt 

Lately, the story of the Exodus has been weighing on my heart, which is odd because I’ve never been particularly fond of Moses. He always struck me as a bit whiny. Remember when the Lord turned his staff into a snake, performing a miracle, and Moses bolted? It’s a bit embarrassing.

If I were God – and thank the heavens I’m not – my response might be, “Alright, Moses, never mind. Where’s Aaron when you need him? I mean, come on, Moses, will you faint when the Nile turns to blood or darkness blankets the land?”

It’s almost comical how Moses, faced with extraordinary displays of divine power, still wrestled with doubts.

Parallels in Uncertainty

Yet, as I navigate my uncertainties in following Jesus, I behave much like Moses. I often question my qualifications, wondering if someone more faithful, articulate, or loving should take my place. I’m too frequently surprised when I witness God’s power instead of expecting it to pour forth.

God’s Purpose Prevails

Throughout the Exodus story, God repeatedly reminds His people that He hears their prayers, sees them, and remembers His promises—all so they may know His glory. Moses often forgot that the Lord had been orchestrating His plan long before he entered the scene. Despite Moses’ hesitations, God was using him because the story was much bigger than Moses.

God could have swiftly struck down Pharaoh after day one, plague one, and been done with it. But He waited. He delayed because He desired His glory to be proclaimed among His people, the Egyptians, and all the surrounding nations. Eventually, through Jesus, this glory would extend to the ends of the earth. Today, thousands of years later, across continents Moses couldn’t have fathomed, we still marvel at the power and love of the Lord through his story.

Moses’ flaws didn’t derail God’s plan; God’s glory ensured His purpose prevailed, spreading joy and celebration throughout the world to every nation.

Embracing Obedience

Lately, despite feeling unqualified, I’ve found myself worshiping more in the unknown, empty spaces than if all my desires had been fulfilled on my terms and without any struggle. Faith is liberating and exhilarating because God uses our obedience to reveal His glory in His time and through His way despite our many shortcomings.

Discussion Question:

Copy and paste this link to your social media with an answer to one of these questions. Or you can put your comments below. 

  • How do you resonate with Moses?
  • Do you feel unqualified? Why?
  • Read Exodus. Share online a summary of what you read with your thoughts.
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