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By Ginny Jensen

Shelter in Place usually means home. When Jesus left heaven, it was like leaving his home. He was perfect yet living in a broken world. Jesus remained close to the Father while on earth. He made choices based on the word of the Father. He was abiding.

Jesus’ time alone prior to Satan’s tempting him gives insight into his practices to maintain intimacy with the Father. It included fasting and solitude. He was able to refute Satan, showing his familiarity with Scripture. Imagine those days alone in prayer and meditation; silently listening to the Father.

Solitude was normal practice for Jesus. He would leave the crowds and go off to be alone. Though solitude was key for him, he also maintained a community around him. He didn’t live in isolation.

His prayer in the garden was an authentic and honest communication with the Lord while submitting to the Father’s will. The anguish of that prayer can give us confidence in bringing anything to the Lord.

In John 17, he prays we would be one just as he and the Father are one. This intimacy is a life long journey; it is the journey of Spiritual Formation. Jesus did not have an earthly home to shelter in but He was sheltered with the Father. May we find our shelter there as well.

“Loving Father, You have called us together as members of the body of your Son. May we be zealous to preserve the unity of the Spirit, which is the bond of peace, and so, with all the saints, come to know the mystery of Christ’s surpassing love and so be filled with the fullness which is of God. We ask this in the name of Jesus, Our Lord. Amen!” – Michael Casey

Shelter in Place Series: