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By Ginny Jensen

Sometimes, when we feel like we are captive, it has nothing to do with our location. Loss, physical limitations, or broken relationships (to name a few) can hold us captive.

Consider Hannah. She was barren in a society that gave honor to childbearing. She was provoked by her rival. Her husband deeply loved her, but her deep desire for a child left her anxious, grieved, and frustrated.

In the midst of her grief, she poured out her heart in the temple and was seen by the high priest, Eli. Hannah told Eli the priest about her lament to the Lord, about her prayer of “anguish and grief.” Eli blessed her and asked God to answer her prayer. (I Samuel 1). She left the temple with a changed countenance.

No matter what is holding us captive, we have the privilege of honestly and openly telling the Lord our feelings and desires. Hannah, having expressed her pain and desire, worshipped and put her “captivity” in the Lord’s hands. And like Hannah, we need to give our “captivity” to the Lord.

To demonstrate her sincerity, she promised her unborn son to the Lord, and her submission to the Lord is seen by her completing the vow she had made.  After Samuel was given to the Lord’s service, she worships the Lord, “…for I delight in your deliverance.”

Like Hannah, we can bring our lament to Him, entrust our desire to Him, and worship Him no matter the circumstances. The circumstances may not change, but we can have freedom in Him. And we too can leave our place of prayer with a changed countenance.

“All great spirituality is about letting go.” – Richard Rohr

Lord, I am anxious and frustrated! I bring my desires to you and entrust them to you. You are worthy of praise and honor.- Amen

Shelter in Place Devotional Series:

Header Image by Dewald Van Rensburg from Pixabay