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By Kevin and Kaori Laverman

During the pandemic, we started the work in MuKo where it was possible: PRAYER. It goes great with walking and doesn’t mind viruses. I’ve used up a lot of shoe leather (soles for souls!) walking our new area, observing people and possibilities, sometimes chatting, and always stopping to pray in key spots. I know prayer walking changes things. It has the added benefit of shrinking one’s waistline and strengthening one’s vision!

There’s a number of routes I walk. Often it’s a more fixed route. Sometimes it’s just a “Holy-Spirit-guide-my-steps-where-you-want” route. Always I return home with new insight and conviction. Perhaps the present darkness in MuKo was broken a little more.

Here’s your invitation to join me today. Lace up your virtual shoes. Go ahead, change MuKo today for eternity! Take a minute for prayer in just 5 spots in MuKo, right there from your computer!


City Hall

First, take a minute at the Nakahara ward office in Musashi Kosugi (MuKo). There’s seven wards in Kawasaki. Nakahara ward is the fastest growing with 250,000 residents (including at least one foreigner from Chicago) and a relatively young demographic. “City Hall” is the hub of MuKo in many ways for the residents.

Suggested Scripture: Jeremiah 29:7   Take a look: Google street view

Pray for the officials of Kawasaki to guide the city in a way that recognizes and honors God. Pray that God helps them distinguish between right and wrong, and convicts them of righteousness to bring order and prosperity to our community.

City Tower

Look up. Way up. In the last eight years, twelve towers (small cities, really) like this have been built in MuKo. Each has 4000~5000 residents and 50 stories. Statistically,99% of these people are still unreached for Christ! Isolation and loneliness are growing problems. Also, deep foundation or not, it gets pretty shaky up there in Japan’s quakes!

Scripture: Matthew 7:24-25  Take a look: Google street view

Pray for the people of the City Tower, overlooking Kawasaki, that God will direct their gaze upward toward Him, and they would “look for a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.” And build their life on His firm foundation.

NEC Company

This technology company is the anchor of MuKo. We can see lit NEC from our house at night. As with most of Japan Inc., the lights never go off, and the employees work exhaustingly long hours, straining the health of families and bodies. NEC has provided prosperity for residents, but not provided answers to their true inner life needs.

Suggested Scripture: Matthew 11:28   Take a look: Google street view

Pray that weary Japan would turn from seeking fulfillment in business and prosperity, and toward seeking a relationship with their Creator. Pray that any Christian employees in NEC would be a light and witness to their coworkers.

Inari Shrine

See those rows of fox statues? Watch the people clap and bow before the enshrined diety. Japanese worship the Inari here, a popular god associated with foxes, rice, household wellbeing, and business prosperity. There are said to be some eight million gods in Japan in the Shinto faith. Each has various power or offers specific blessing.

Suggested Scripture: Colossians 1:13   Take a look: Google street view

Pray that spiritual blinders would be removed from the eyes of Japan to see the truth, worship the Creator, not creation, and seek His blessings. Pray that Satan’s grip would be broken and for the witness of conscience, creation and Christians.

Kosugi Elementary

This is one of three elementary schools in MuKo. It’s brand new and filled with kids and potential that represent the future of Japan. There is an increased emphasis on moral and international awareness and languages, but Japan raises its children without Christian ethics and awareness of Creator God.

Suggested Scripture: Isaiah 54:13   Take a look: Google street view

Pray that children would grow to know and honor their Creator in the days of their youth. Pray for ministries of the church and in Japan that welcome children in Jesus’s name, and promote healthy families according to God’s principles.



Now that you’re finished for today, keep on going to our place for a cup of green tea or coffee — just a few steps away! We’re ready to welcome you.

Thank you for praying for MuKo! Please use this route again or forward to another praying friend. Your feet might never enter Japan, but from your knees you can change the country forever!



As you spend five minutes praying, share on your social media, or here in the comments, what other Scriptures came to mind or be generous with your words by writing out the prayer in the comments here. 


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