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Written by a Colleague 

We have been so moved by this blessing being sung by God’s people in different languages from different countries. We think you will be blessed, too. Choose a video from this sampling taken from 100 virtual choirs singing blessing over their city, country and the whole world in this time of global uncertainty. It is more than just singing a song—it is matching good news with good deeds:

We hope this message cheers your heart, increases your faith, and transforms your life. This is the kind of partnership that WorldVenture has tried to promote and engage in, to help the church be the church in a polarized, confused world.

We Want to Hear From You:

“Because this song is based on Scripture, the message is timeless, and we wanted to release it as quick as we could knowing the effect it could have on people ’s hearts and spirits immediately, as it did ours,” Jobe told The Christian Beat. “God knew it would be something we could hold onto during a season of our lives that ’s full of uncertainties and unknowns.”Christianity Today (July, 2020)