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Quotable Quotes: (feel free to copy and share)
  • What is the definition of artist? “Well, in modern parlance, you know, it deals with, you know, musical arts, theater, arts, dance arts, visual arts, craft arts, textile arts, culinary arts, film, arts. We include technology, arts and these kinds of things. And then, you know, you can put that out. I think I have on one list of artistic endeavor some 70 different kinds of endeavors in the Scripture. There are 19 different kinds of industries that would be related to arts and crafts that we see in, particularly in the Hebrew scriptures, the Old Testament. And so, I like to actually have a broader, and I hope, more biblical definition of the arts, which is the imaginative rearrangement of human metaphors, symbols and expressions. Or you could break those down into 12 different human signals systems that express that are resident in every culture, but they mean all kinds of different things in in the various cultures. But that’s what I would call the arts. So, our regular sort of Western notions of that from poetry and all across the arts or across the esthetic spectrum, but it really is, and my understanding even comes down to the reality ritual ceremony pageant liturgy and the dynamics of human expression, whether it’s of elite practitioners or marketplace and community as citizens.”
  • “Because everybody is creative. But there is a there is a specialized creative class that in almost every culture they have a word for it. And in our culture, it’s artists. Now, these people are not special. They are not, in essence, more valuable, not at all. They just have a different wiring. And in fact, this wiring allows us and here’s my definition of artist, a person who is unusually wise and imaginative of design or expression…”
  • “…but the purpose for the person we call the artist is to the specialist is to lead the generalist into these environments so that we marinate in, we experience, we commune together in touching these transcendent realities of life.”
  • “Let me tell you, you’re interested in the gospel taking root and developing through indigenous Christian community formation… You can’t do this without artistically sensitive people, or else you will have stuff that just feels like a crock.”
  • “Secondly, right now around the world, people listen more to artists. You can’t just convince people intellectually.”

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