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Ninety-minutes from the main Day Center in Itu, São Paulo is Camp California (managed by Restoration Ministries). It is a gorgeous piece of property with lush green ground cover, beautiful flowers, and some fruit trees. It is often described by the children who come as a “piece of heaven.”

Restoration Ministries uses the camp all year round for children, youth, and adults who come from the slums. This January, Brazil experienced a significant increase in extreme poverty.“Today, the country has more people in poverty than before the pandemic and the beginning of the last decade, in 2011,” wrote a reporter for Folha De S. Paulo. In total, 27 million people are in this condition since the beginning of the year (2021). The slums are a violent place, and Camp California gives participants an escape.

At camp, they experience the Gospel message and enjoy many activities including worship music, drama, crafts and recreation. Camp activities include swimming in the pool, playing soccer in the soccer field, and a brand new “sport court” for basketball and tennis.

Time at the camp also gives campers a chance to play and just be kids which they aren´t able to do in the violent environment of the slums. Short-term trips from overseas bring groups of people who help plan and run a camp for the children and youth from Friday through Sunday. Short-term groups bring with them creative energy, helping to relieve the Brazilian workers, while providing a powerful message from God.

Through the years, Camp California has seen thousands and thousands of lives impacted and changed. The short-term team gains a new perspective as well. Ireni Mota says, “Watching kids and teenagers turn their lives to the Lord is a powerful witness of our gracious God!”

Ireni asks that you pray for the following:

  • Sharing the Gospel, building relationships and enjoying doing activities together.
  • Contributing to the spiritual grow of children, youth and adults.
  • Training leaders and volunteers.
  • Offering a place for church and business retreats.

For Discussion:

Share this blog to your social media with an answer to one of the following questions…

  • When you were a kid at camp, escaping a bad situation, how did that camp help you grow closer to the Lord?
  • Share how you once served at a camp overseas and what that experience was like.


Opportunities to Serve with Restoration Ministries:

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