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By Esther Penney

God’s Word is given away in different forms. While I know that at some point, it will bear fruit, I don’t often get to see it. One particular day encouraged me to keep giving it out as opportunities presented themselves.

As an Easter gift, we gave our guard, Mike, a MegaVoice player. MegaVoice creates audio Bibles. This particular one contains the New Testament in Wolof and Yoonu Njuub (the Way of Righteousness). Every morning before Mike leaves, I hear him playing it while he rakes up the leaves and sweeps the sidewalks.

Shortly after gifting Mike the MegaVoice player, I asked him if he liked the stories. Mike’s face lit up.

“Yes, I do,” he said. “I listen to it each morning while raking. I listen to it while walking home from work. I listen to it at home. I listen to it while walking to work. The others who live in my house have heard it, and they want it. But, I am not going to give it to them. I like listening to it. I play it at home so the others can hear the words. They gather around each time I play it.”

Mike went on to say that his heart feels cold (happy) when he listens to it, and his spirit is at peace after listening to God’s Word.

May the Word of the Lord not return without accomplishing the task for which God sent it out.

 (pictured: Senegal)


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  • What is your favorite way to “hear” God? Are you a paper Bible person, digital Bible App, or an audio learner?


One day in 1988 while admiring a new car at a dealership, Tom heard someone say, “The door is open!” It turned out the voice was coming from a memory chip somewhere inside the car. Tom was beyond elated – if cars were now able to speak, why not a Bible? God was answering prayer.MegaVoice on the Founder.