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Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary

WorldVenture global workers serve as faculty with Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary. Located in Ukraine's capital of Kyiv, UETS offers training in Theology, Missiology, and Music/Worship ministries to students from Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe. UETS also hosts a world-class library of resources and research materials. Over the years, Ukraine has become a missionary-sending country and UETS is at the forefront of training the next generation of leaders to take the good news of Jesus to those who have not yet heard.
May 19, 2022


RussiaWorship, a Russian-registered, non-profit organization, is an international partnership with Russians and ex-patriots from various churches, denominations and mission organizations. It is focused on assisting leaders and musicians in Russian-speaking churches in creating an atmosphere that enables people to worship God in spirit and truth. Funds from this project will be used for initial start-up funds, production costs for a music CD and copies and salaries.
February 27, 2020

Black Forest Academy

Black Forest Academy (BFA) provides a quality, international Christian education that equips its students to influence their world through biblical thought, character, and action. BFA was founded in 1956 by TeachBeyond,, formerly Janz Team Ministries. It is an international Christian school providing an English language education for grades 5-12. Grades 1-4 are part of a bilingual school, Christliche Schule Kandern. BFA serves the children of international Christian workers and international business families who want a North American curriculum that incorporates a Christian worldview. BFA has an enrollment of approximately 320 students, with about 50% of the 7th-12th grade students…
February 27, 2020


The PTEE is a theological program for the equipping and training of Arabic-speaking church leaders in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the Arab Diaspora. It is a member-based organization, established in 1981 to serve the church of Jesus Christ in the Arab world. The PTEE provides training for all levels of leadership in the church, including those called to serve as pastors and teachers, and those called to serve in other aspects of community life. It regularly provides leadership education on location for existing and emerging leaders in seven or more Arab countries as well…
February 27, 2020

Forma Sport

This project provides opportunities for WorldVenture personnel, local Christians, and other international agencies to engage in ministry through sports. Funds from this project will be used for equipment, and renting and maintaining FormaSport's facility. Basketball camps and clinics are held at the center as well as other sports-related events.
February 27, 2020

FH Madrid

Leganés has a population of 185,000 with about 7,000 being from North Africa. They are mainly from the Rifi Berber, Magreb Arab and Jebala Arab people groups. Isolation and non-integration are quite common among these people groups living in Leganés. The Leganés Community Center is an outreach effort focused on North African immigrants who live and/or work in the Madrid suburb of Leganés. The activities of the community center will include teaching Spanish as a second language, occupational counseling, crafts and cooking classes, ESL, seminars on topics of interest, etc. This project is working in tandem with a local church…
February 27, 2020

Centro Ministerial Dar Salaam

The name Dar Salaam means House of Peace in Arabic.The Centro Ministerial Dar Salaam is a strategic ministry initiative aimed at reaching the North African immigrant community in the Madrid suburb of Torrejon de Ardoz. This ministry center was started by WorldVenture International Partners in Ministry Lucas and Betzabe Colmenares in close collaboration with Immanuel Baptist Church of Madrid. The primary objectives of the Dar Salaam center are:1) to present the gospel to North African immigrants 2) to start a church for North Africans3) to meet some of the basic needs of North African immigrants living in Torrejon de Ardoz.Rent…
February 27, 2020

Kenedi Foundation

The Kenedi Center focuses on reaching the at-risk children on the streets of Korcha, Albania. These children have homes, but are sent to beg from morning until often late at night. Many times these children have been provided very little food to sustain themselves, are almost always dirty and unkempt to appeal to those they are begging from. Many children have no opportunity to receive an education and many times do not even know their own age. Their parent(s) are many times uneducated, without work and often do not properly care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their…
February 27, 2020