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Serving through education in Germany — K-12 students coming from 50 different countries! These students bring with them such varied cultural and academic backgrounds, it can be a challenge to teach them in a way that best helps them, keeping in mind that English is sometimes their second or third language. Also dorm students, in particular, who live apart from their families ministering in other countries, need focused prayer for strength and love.

Please pray for stamina, health, and wisdom as Katrina works with TCK’s. Pray for God-honoring relationships with her students as well as her German neighbors.

About me:
I am serving as a social studies teacher at Black Forest Academy, a school for missionary kids in Kandern, Germany. Having grown up in Austria, I understand from personal experience the struggles and excitements Third Culture Kids (TCKs), among them missionary kids, go through. I hope to make use of my gifts and passion for teaching and mentoring by being an available resource and encouragement to missionary kids.

Growing up with missionary parents, I accepted Christ at a young age, although I am the first to admit that God has taken me on a long journey to a personal relationship with Him. It was at a retreat specifically for TCKs that I began to understand that God wanted an active role in my life, and soon after that I developed a heart for missions.

During college, I ventured on a two-month missions trip through several countries in Asia, including China, and upon graduating I taught English as a Second Language for a year in Taiwan. Through interaction with other WorldVenture missionaries, it was during this year that I began to recognize how strongly Europe and TCKs weighed on my heart.

In Germany, I interact with TCKs who come from all over Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia, by teaching, mentoring, practicing hospitality and getting involved in the children’s lives. I also aim to live in the community of Kandern in order to build connections and share the gospel with area residents.

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