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4000-176-Thomas, Bruce and Linda

Pray that God would direct our conversations, and that people would move from an interest in spiritual topics to a real relationship with God. Also pray for our church as we begin planning the construction of our new building.

About us:
We are just “normal” people who are following God’s path for our lives. Our married life started in Lynchburg, Virginia. From there we moved to Illinois to care for Bruce’s aging parents. After that, our long-time desire to serve God overseas became a reality. He directed us to a team in Lubin, Poland, where we teach English, help run outreach events, serve in the church, and make friends that we hope will give their lives to God.

We enjoy interacting with the students in our English classes. There is a huge desire to learn English. Our favorite times are spent with one-on-one conversational students. We often have opportunities to talk about what we believe and why. We also enjoy inviting people to our home. The best way to reach people in Poland is through relationships.

We have found the people in Poland to be very friendly. It is customary to greet everyone present when you enter a room or building. Polish people are family-oriented. They often spend Sundays with their families and relatives. They take care of each other. Crime is surprisingly low. Poland is a very safe place to live.

To quote a colleague, “Life here is the same as in America, just different.” We enjoy most modern conveniences, and life is very comfortable. But Poland is a land of paradoxes. There is a unique mix of old and new, traditional and contemporary, order and chaos, tolerance and prejudice. Polish people are group-oriented, yet individualistic; pessimistic, yet persevering; looking back while looking forward.

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