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4000-707-Tissell, Bruce

Preparing future generations of leaders and pastors for the Brazilian church.

Pray for Bruce as he directs the Seminary in Teresina, Piauí. Pray that he would take the many opportunities to disciple men and women both in and outside of classroom settings.

About me:
Bruce was raised in a Christian home. At the age of five, he accepted Christ as his Savior. Bruce´s parents always opened the house for missionaries who came through to visit their church. Because of this, he came to know missionaries as real people, and not people who came through only once every now and then.

In junior high, Bruce was challenged by the youth pastor to consider full-time ministry. It was through this challenge that he first seriously considered missions. In college, Bruce saw the need for work overseas through his interactions with international students. God confirmed his call to missions at Urbana in 1984, and he went to Western Seminary to prepare.

The most rewarding part of being a missionary, to Bruce, is seeing how God is faithful to His Word. It´s exciting to see Him not only save people, but see how He works in and through the lives of others. The resulting growth is what encourages Bruce to continue during difficult times.

God has uniquely gifted Bruce to serve in Brazil by giving him a personality that is relationally-oriented. This allows him to not only teach, but also allows him to interact with others and share in their lives. Bruce´s teaching is not limited to the classroom, as he lives side-by-side with the Brazilians.

Seeing someone suddenly realize a truth from God’s Word and to see the face and eyes light up is the most exciting aspect of ministry. To be able to see people step out in faith and start to practice what they are learning from God brings great joy to Bruce.

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