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Rod and Jackie Allen are both passionate about seeing people grow in their personal relationship with the Lord.

Rod first accepted Christ as a young child, but it wasn’t until college that Rod realized his need to serve Him. As a result, he left his plans to be a doctor and went into short-term missions. While serving as an interim pastor at a medical base in Alaska, Rod realized God was calling him to specialize in people’s spiritual health in addition to their physical needs.

Jackie accepted Christ at age eight. Her desire to be an overseas missionary grew as she matured and understood the need for spreading the good news. Her passion for young kids to learn about missions stems from her childhood where she attended annual missions conferences and developed a love for reaching people for Christ in other parts of the world.

The Allens find the most exciting aspect of mission work is seeing the people they train put biblical principles into practice. The Allens feel very privileged to witness a strong group of Argentines who are taking evangelism, church planting and missions beyond the theoretical.

Fast Facts

Rod (10/08), Jackie (03/05)


Chelsea (11/15), Nigel (12/25), Colin (05/26)

Th.B. in missions, 1984 Multnomah Bible College, Portland, Oregon; M.A.O.T., 1986, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon

A.A. and one year in Bible, Vancouver Bible College, British Columbia

Serving in Northwest Argentina through leadership development.

Where We Work

The people of Argentina are very open to different religions & beliefs. Although this openness allows evangelicals to share the gospel easier, it has also allowed many occults & false beliefs to infiltrate the hearts & communities of many Argentinians. With approximately 500,000 people living in the slums of Buenes Aires alone, there is also an outcry for the people's physical needs to be met.

Ground-Level Perspectives

There are areas with one-tenth of one percent evangelicals in Buenos Aires. It is hard to believe that they are an unreached part of the world.
— Jim & Corinne Thorp

The people of Argentina are pagan and ritualistic. For example, 600,000 people have marched behind a statue hoping it will prevent earthquakes and make them a healthier people.
— Rod & Jackie Allen

Spiritual openness is seeing many drawn into cults, including Umbanda occultism from Brazil as well as to churches with some questionable teachings.
— Operation World

More about Argentina

A Couple Raw Facts


Evangelical numbers, under one million in 1980, reached 3.7 million by 2010.



WorldVenture History in Argentina

WorldVenture has over 50 years of varied ministry focus in Argentina and continues to expand the harvest through evangelism, church planting, education, children’s and youth ministries, and pastor and leadership support and training. WorldVenture’s partnership with the Baptist General Association of Churches in Argentina extends to a Christian bookstore, a seminary and seminary extension program, and a camping program. List ministry opportunities in Argentina.

Today &

Argentina Team Goals

Argentina still has a tremendous need for the gospel. Church growth statistics have been inflated by cultic activity and one of the biggest challenges facing WorldVenture workers is the tendency for evangelical Christianity to be lumped together with cults by the national government. Many Argentine believers are asking, "How can I know what is true and what is false?" Reaching out to Argentine pastors, continuing to plant national churches, and maintaining current ministries will provide the answers from God’s word to these questions.

5 Global

WorldVenture Global Objectives

  1. Evangelizing the Peoples of the World
    • Relationships being cultivated with non-believers
    • Decisions to follow Christ
    • Believers baptized
    • People engaged in intentional discipleship
    • Bible verses translated and Christian resources created or translated
  2. Extending Grace
    • People helped through development assistance
    • People provided with medical and health assistance
    • People helped toward justice who are in illegal, immoral, dangerous, exploited circumstances
    • People helped directly through disaster relief
  3. Establishing Churches
    • New churches established
    • Daughter churches established
  4. Equipping Leaders
    • Leaders being trained for ministry through formal contexts
    • Leaders being trained for ministry through non-formal contexts
    • TCKs (third culture kids) being equipped
    • 360º leaders being equipped
  5. Encouraging Mission Movements
    • National Christians preparing to become cross-cultural missionaries
    • National churches engaged in cross-cultural missions
    • National church groups engaged in cross-cultural missions

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Primary Ministry Focus
Serving in Northwest Argentina through leadership development

The People
The Allens work with all classes of people in Northwest Argentina, from the wealthy to the poor, from the highly educated to the illiterate.

Prayer Focus
Pray that God will give them the opportunity to motivate North American Christians to reach the world for Christ.

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