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By Matt Shiner, Mentor

During World War II, many Jews found Survival in Hiding[1]. My friend, Imama, is now experiencing the same drama and fear.

After she and her brother escaped the Taliban’s clutches in the hotel, they went to a friend’s home. There, they were joined by Imama’s husband, and at that point, her brother left to go home to their family. In this culture, a woman should not go out alone, but she should always be accompanied by a male family member. To avoid attracting attention, she would request her brother’s help whenever her husband was away.

Shortly thereafter, the opportunity arose for Imama’s family to be plucked from the nearly constant control and observation of the Taliban, resulting in a joyous reunion of Imama and her husband with their family.  Then, they were moved to a remote and safe location. Numerous insiders worked together to make this stealth operation smooth, successful, and safe.

Like the Jews, we don’t know how long this will take until true safety is achieved. True safety involves moving to a different culture that allows women to develop into the people that God intends. At this point, we don’t even know all the steps to make this a reality. And the steps we do know seem impossible at times.

At each step, we seek the Lord’s guidance on what to do and when to do it. Each of the past steps has been supported by your prayers and donations. For these, Imama, her family, and her team of advisors are extremely thankful. You are making a big difference in this family’s safety and future.

As you continue to pray, ask the Lord to reveal the next steps.  In His timing, this could either happen quickly or slowly relative to our desired timetable. Our plan: never leap ahead of His plan for Imama and her family.

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Would you copy the link to this blog post and share it to your social media, but take it one step further – Write out a prayer with a verse from the Bible to pray Scripture over Imama and her family? 

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