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By Jim Thorp

Buenos Aires has been referred to as the “Paris of South America,” and there is truth to the comparison. I have visited both cities and can see some similarities to the look, feel, and culture of Buenos Aires and Paris. There are significant differences, but Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with rich music, dance, architecture, and food culture.

One other important similarity is the need for the Gospel to reach all levels of society. The European flavor of culture in the city gives a feel of secularism, leading many to be unconcerned about God’s existence or his impact on their lives.

WorldVenture has long desired to have an impact for the Gospel in Buenos Aires. In the past, WorldVenture sent two couples at different times to begin ministry in that city though circumstances did not allow them to establish a long-term ministry. WorldVenture has continued to pray for God to open the door for an effective ministry and is currently consulting with others about what that might look like. 

In January 2021, a group of interested people met by Zoom to discuss the possibilities. In this meeting, missionaries and pastors with experience living in the city, along with mission mobilizers, strategists, and other leaders, considered approaches to beginning a work there. We recognized that this is not something WorldVenture can do alone. We need to partner with those who understand those needs who can help discern ways WorldVenture can establish a ministry that would address those needs.

We scheduled a vision trip in March of last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic began, postponing the trip until March 2021. However, the pandemic was not sufficiently contained, and once more, we have postponed the trip. We are currently planning to visit Buenos Aires in September of 2021, and we have a group of people wanting to join us to look for opportunities.

  • Pray for the right contacts with those who might serve as good partners with us to plan effectively.
  • Pray for an opportunity to visit the city with an advanced strategy team to talk to the key leaders who can help discover the strategy.
  • Pray for workers who sense the call of God, to give time to building a presence in the city, leading to an impact for the Gospel.
  • For those who know WorldVenture and understand Latin America’s needs.

Please take a moment right now to pray for these requests. You can go to the prayer wall to leave a prayer for Buenos Aires. 


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  • If you served in South America, what about the trip changed a long-held perspective on missions or on your worldview?
  • Share a picture of your last trip to Buenos Aires with this link, and describe a memory.

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Header image by GRAPHICAL BRAIN from Pixabay