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4000-704-Thorp, Jim and Corinne

Serving missionaries in North, Central, and South America as Global Directors.

Pray that God would give us the needed wisdom to help provide the tools that missionaries need to be effective and to raise up new workers for ministries in the Americas. Pray for strength to travel constantly.

About us:
Jim and Corinne served as missionaries in Brazil (1987-2005) and Mozambique (2005-2008). In Brazil, they started two churches and Jim was the interim pastor in another church. They also worked at the Sao Luis Bible College, where Jim was the director. They moved to Mozambique to help open a new field for WorldVenture where they continued their efforts to train church leaders and assist in social needs.

Because of their experience on the mission field, WorldVenture invited them to become Global Directors of the Americas region in June, 2008. In this role, they supervise the workers and ministries in North, Central, and South America. They oversee the work of approximately 60 workers in 11 countries. In their role, they travel to the fields to encourage the workers and help them find the resources they need to continue doing effective ministry in a wide variety of ministries throughout the Americas. When they are not traveling, they work from their home in Salem, Oregon and maintain contact with the workers by email, phone, and virtual calls. They also work with other directors and headquarters staff to develop policies. A lot of time is spent coordinating their many trips with field personnel and airlines.

Jim and Corinne have three married sons who all live in Salem. This allows them to spend time with their nine grandchildren when home in Salem. They attend the First Baptist Church of Salem.

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