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By Rich Peterson, Church Relations 

Read Isaiah 6: 1-8, then pray:

God we are so thankful that you are high and lifted up. We join the angels in their praise of you as “Holy, holy, holy.” Almighty God, the earth is full of your glory, and we bow before you as Sovereign Lord of All.

As we bow in worship, we acknowledge that we are people full of sin and that we come from a race of sinners. We are unworthy of you, your grace, and your presence in our lives. We are ruined – take the burning coal from your altar and touch our lips so that our guilt might be removed, and our sin atoned for.

We are so grateful that you. Lord God, high and exalted, chose to descend from your throne, come to earth in the person of Jesus and humble yourself even to the point of death on the Cross. Through the sacrifice of Jesus our guilt is removed, and our sin atoned for. We are eternally yours through the Cross-work of your Son.

We are now able to see clearly who you are and all that you have called us to become. We know that we cannot go with you and remain who we are – so we ask that through our worship of you today that you transform us and then send us in your service where you would lead.

May our worship of you this day bring you the honor and glory that is yours alone.



Take a moment to explore these areas and pray. 

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