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By a Colleague

‘Jacob’ arrived from Afghanistan in the late 1990’s.  While serving the United Kingdom (UK), he was shot and injured. He received immediate asylum. Jacob had no peace and could not sleep through the night.  Before helping the United States (US) and the UK in Afghanistan, he had seen terrible things and done terrible things.  He had been a fighter and had even killed an Afghan that had become Christian.

Through a ‘Divine Appointment’, we met, and began to meet regularly.  I shared with Jacob the love of Christ. I told him how he could receive the peace of God and have peace with God through Christ.  One day he saw a church sign: “Peace with God through Jesus”.

Jacob reasoned, “If Christ could give me peace with God; Jesus could give me a peaceful night of sleep.”

That night Jacob asked Jesus to give him a good night of sleep.  He slept through the night, slept through morning, slept until noon, and then at 1 PM, his brother woke him up because he feared something was wrong.  Jacob came to our house and shared this story with us. He made a decision to receive Christ into his life. He has since shared his testimony with others.

Jacob has been a member of IHOPE and helped at the AFC.  We traveled to Pakistan together and shared Christ with many people.  Lately, he has drifted and is not close to the Lord.  Unfortunately, Jacob could not get his family from Afghanistan to leave.  His wife wanted their kids raised in Afghanistan. He sent this message to me,

“I think only God can help to fix Afghanistan’s problems. I am in Afghanistan Kabul with my family desperately trying to get out, but there are no commercial flights now, the change happened so quickly. If you can find any contact in USA Embassy in Kabul to get us out in Military flight that will be great. Please pray!”

Because Jacob is a Christian, because he has helped US and UK troops for over 10 years, and because he has daughters, he and his family are at great risk from the Taliban.  Please pray with us for God’s mercy and grace to allow him and his family to leave Afghanistan.  Pray that his wife and kids will all become faithful followers of Jesus.


Click on this blog link and copy it to your social media. Share Jacob’s story with a written prayer for Jacob, his family, and for Afghanistan.

We will update this blog post, if we are able, as Jacob’s story evolves.

Update 5/20/2022

Update 2/10/2022

  • An update on Jacob! Jacob, his son, and nephew remain in the United Kingdom. Our Global Worker says, “He is recovering from an injury he received during evacuation [from Afghanistan].” His wife resides in one town with her mother. His daughter is still in Afghanistan with family members. “It is a difficult and stressful time,” our Global Worker writes. “Pray for wisdom for education of his son and nephew and for work for Jacob when he is fully well. Pray for peace for him as he is under the financial strain of taking care of both his family in the United Kingdom and his family in Afghanistan.”

Update 11/23/2021

  • Our colleague says, “Thanks for praying. Jacob and his two sons continue to wait on the UK government to make a decision on more long-term housing.” Jacob and his family continue to live in temporary housing in a place that is generously providing meals. He is also in contact with a ministry partner from another organization per our colleague’s request.

Update 8/27/2021

  • “Jacob” and his two sons boarded a US Airforce Military aircraft and have landed in the United Kingdom. The prayers still remain for him as “Jacob” may need “initial support”. Our colleague said something poignant after letting us know the joyful news of “Jacob” and his two sons landing safely. “It has been a long week, and this [is] just one family. So many…have not gotten out.” 

Update 8/27/2021

  • We are thankful for the responses received from you on how to help “Jacob” and his family in Afghanistan. “The story is ongoing,” says our colleague. Jacob and his two sons made it inside the Kabul airport just hours before the Thursday attack. Our colleague may have found a way to get them out thanks to suggestions and the willingness of others. Actions have been taken. Be praying they will be able to board a plane for the United Kingdom before all flights stop. Please pray for the rest of Jacob’s family.Our colleague continues, “As you pray for Afghanistan remember to pray for the individuals and families who are facing such difficult times and such hard choices. Pray that God would rule and overrule in lives and that there would be a turning to Him from this terrible situation.”Texts from Jacob describe the scene at the Kabul airport. “[It is] very crowded here…Thousands of people are waiting in the very dirty water for 12 hours to be pulled up by the army at one stage…it looks impossible to go if you don’t know anyone or you have to be very lucky…”  They have lost contact with Jacob and his sons. Be praying for Jacob and his sons that they were able to fly out.Our colleague asks for one more prayer request: “Please pray for Jacob’s faith in the Lord Jesus.  While he has wandered from God, we are praying these events will draw him back into close fellowship with God through Christ.”
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Update: 8/25/2021…

  • “Our letter about Jacob brought an outpouring of concern and commitment to prayer for him and his family and for the real people of Afghanistan whose daily lives and futures are so hugely impacted. It also brought two good suggestions for contacts to help for Jacob’s family possibly to be able to be included with those who are allowed to leave. We will be pursuing those avenues today. Please pray.”

*Photo taken by “Jacob” while at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan

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