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Provide relief and help to Afghan refugees…

WorldVenture continues to serve Afghan refugees. Our network of global workers and community centers are ministering to displaced peoples. We serve Afghan refugees with food, shelter, clothing, counseling, and more. Will you consider making a special gift to WorldVenture’s Afghan Refugee Relief fund?

Your Support Will Help Afghan Refugees…

Before our very eyes and in the midst of chaos and war, thousands of Afghans were displaced from a place they called home. Words can’t describe what our Afghan neighbors experienced. Violence and destruction. Families separated. Jobs lost. Homes and possessions left behind. For many Afghans, they now live the difficult life of a refugee trying to rebuild their lives in poverty in foreign countries. They escaped with their lives, but little else. Our Afghan neighbors are in great need.

As the world grappled with how to help the Afghan people, WorldVenture was ready. That’s part of what it means to be engaging the world for gospel impact. We invite you to join us in loving our Afghan neighbors by responding to this crisis with courage, compassion, generosity and solidarity. Through WorldVenture’s vast network of Global Workers and community centers already ministering to displaced peoples, we were prepared to serve Afghan refugees by offering food, shelter, clothing, care, counseling and other critical needs. The need continues long after the news cameras stopped filming. Together, we can be Good Samaritans to the Afghan people as Jesus calls us to be.


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WorldVenture’s Good Sam Fund

Jesus paints a picture of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) that goes beyond our cultural definition of “good.” The acts of the Samaritan were courageous, compassionate, generous, and exemplified boundary-breaking solidarity with another. Jesus concludes the story by saying “go and do likewise.” What would our world look like if we acted with courage, compassion, generosity, and solidarity with those in need? WorldVenture’s “Good Samaritan Fund” exists to help answer that question, offering relief to those in immediate need when disaster strikes. Compelled by the love of God, we will love our neighbors as ourselves and offer help and hope to those in need. We will “go and do likewise.”